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  • Winston Salem Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent

Ah the pigeon. The rat of the bird family ! The animal that does nothing but make a mess and destroy the beauty of virtually anything it comes around. While pigeons are harmless for the most part, the problem with them is that they are simply disgusting. They serve no real purpose but to poop wherever they can, and they live in such large numbers that they can make a mess of virtually any place they go. Tens if not hundreds like to travel together in Winston Salem so when they arrive some place they really make a mess.

The best way to keep the pigeons from making a mess of your home or property is to keep them away all together but this, admittedly, can be a daunting task. Pigeons can acclimate themselves to virtually any Winston Salem surrounding, and once they have found a place they like they are hard to get rid of. So keeping them away becomes the order of business.

The way that can be done is by using a pigeon repellent. Pigeon repellents say “go away” to the pigeon, sending them to some other property to defecate on. While the owners of the new Winston Salem property they migrate too may not like their arrival, you cannot please everyone, so you might as well please yourself here.

So how do you keep these flying rats from invading your Winston Salem property? Well, there are some good commercial repellents you can get in North Carolina, or you can try your own home remedy. Both have some merit. B-ST is one of the most common commercial repellents out there. This is a new product that has quickly gained traction because it is not hazardous to the animals or humans. It simply is something that the pigeons do not like.

Using herbs like cinnamon or pepper, or super hot cayenne pepper has been known to repel birds, this chemical is not irritating to be touched by birds or humans, and works very effectively with all small birds, including pigeons, swallows and gulls. All that you have to do is simply apply the repellent in areas where you know that the pigeons are likely to congregate on your North Caolina property. This means areas such as rooftops, facades, attic openings, under decks, and near your shed is where you should apply a liberal mount of the repellent.

While you can buy repellents, there are some things you can use that will do the job as well. One of the most common that people like to use is mothballs. The fact is that pigeons hate the smell. Mothballs don't pose any kind of danger to anyone, including the pigeons, they simply don't like the smell. You can place these liberally around your home, on the roof, under eaves and facades and have great success.

There is also the alternative to go with the WD-40 oil. Now that one may sound strange, but it is actually a very effective repellent for two reasons. First, the smell is another irritant to pigeons. They don't like the smell of oil so they don't like to be around it. More importantly, they don't like the slick feeling of it. Oil makes it very hard for them to stand and get a group, especially on slopping surfaces. Because of this they will decide to move on.

The only problem with using oil is that other animals may get into it as well. If you have a cat who likes to climb onto your roof, you may find your feline sliding off the roof and down to the ground below. That would not be good and may seriously injure the cat. Another problem with the WD-40 and with the mothballs as well is that it can be expensive using it. The oil will last longer because water will not wash it away, but mothballs will dissolve in the rain and you will need to replace what has been lost. That can get expensive quickly.

Because of the cost in continually replacing these repellent options can become quite expensive, many have turned to sonic noise makers to keep pigeons away. These devices claim to emit a wave that is irritating to the pigeon, and keeps it from coming near your home, but in our experience, it doesn't work well.

That sounds like the ideal situation, but one of the problems is that if the pigeons are coming from a different direction they are not bothered by the sound. Many owners choose to put the speaker or speaker system at one end of their property and aim it toward their home. That way if the pigeon crosses the property it will come in contact with the wave and flee. This works if you have a secure place to put the device that will not be affected by rain.

You also have to consider that this sound may be irritating to other animals, such as your dog or cat. This may cause them to run away, so you need to consider these things when opting for this choice. If you actually want real bird control, and not gimmicks like repellents, visit which lists hundreds of bird control companies in the USA, who can actually solve your pigeon issue with real methods, such as netting or anti-roosting devices.

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